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Our Mission

Environmental Impact
In 2022, our responsibility to the environment is paramount.
Since Day 1, at StoneWolf we have had this at the forefront of our minds with every decision we make.
We limit our use of packaging as much as we can and look carefully at every step in our manufacturing process to ensure we choose the right factories, materials and people to produce our products.
StoneWolf Production Factory shows lady operating fabric cutting machine
Our Footprint
A greener future through being carbon neutral.
StoneWolf are working hard to offset our carbon footprint, from our founding in 2020 this has been a fundamental business objective and responsibility.
Our partners plant trees here in the UK to offset our carbon emissions.
This includes offsetting our energy usage, manufacturing power, transport, freight and order fulfilment. 
StoneWolf Green Initiative shows image of seed growing in hands
Ethical Manufacturing
The factories we use to produce all StoneWolf products are carefully selected. They must uphold the highest standards for ecological responsibility, be at the forefront of quality and reliable manufacturing.
Product Detailing shows scissors cutting details StoneWolf products.
Transparent Supply Chain (Duty of Care)
We strive to constantly upgrade our manufacturing process.
We source only premium products and textiles.
We avoid the use of swing tags on all online orders, and all our packaging is made using recycled materials.
Our custom-made cord ends are manufactured in a safe and non-harmful environment. They are manufactured in factories that comply with Clear to Wear (Inditex) and Reach regulations.
Sewing Machine in operation for StoneWolf garments

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