Our Vision

Based near Loughborough in the United Kingdom.

StoneWolf is more than just another fitness apparel brand: we are building a community made up of exceptional people from all walks of life. United by our love of fitness and the collective vision of becoming the best version of ourselves.

At StoneWolf, we strive to be at the cutting edge of design quality, environmental sustainability and ethical practice. Read Our Mission here.

We design, manufacture and sell only the best performing items on the market.

So, what sets us apart from the rest?

Unlike many brands, we do not simply buy a pre-made item and add our logo.

Tom founded StoneWolf in September 2020 and yet launched the first collection in December 2021.

Why did it take so long to launch?

Tom’s Vision, has, from the outset been at creating a brand that people trust.

All our apparel is created from scratch, being designed out of our base in the East Midlands. Starting with a simple design on a piece of paper.

Tom and his team of fitness enthusiasts then carefully source, sample and create the StoneWolf collection. 

From the custom cord ends to the brushed American-fleece interior of the Hoodies. To the recycled fabric for the sports bra and leggings.

Every detail was tried and tested with the athlete and wearer in mind, from looking good to feeling great, whether in a rigorous work out or chilling on a rest day.

 The ultra-durable sportswear is extremely comfortable, with just a little give to enable unimpeded movement in every activity.

Our Core Values

Strength - having the ability to get through things that require a lot of physical or mental effort.

Resilience - we show persistence in the face of adversity, and be successful after something difficult has happened.

Determination - we continue to do something despite it being difficult.

Even in the face of adversity, at StoneWolf we never give up on the pursuit of our goals.

We take this unrelenting and unwavering mindset in our approach to everything in life.